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Bunch Of Questions

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 1:48 PM

Like Crickatoo, I've not done one of these forever.
But I'm sulking from having a bad couple of days, so hey, this will make a nice change. c:


1. What makes you happiest at this moment in time?
Usually, it's my job. I'm working with a fantastic group of animals and people - something I've always wanted to do!
But my boss has been Miss Frosty Knickers for the past few days, so I'm not as pumped about it as I usually am.
Right now, my boyfriend is keeping me chilled and happy. Ready to go back to work tomorrow after a nice relaxing day off!

2. Do you have tattoos?
Nope. Nothing against them! They're just not something for me, personally.
Boyfriend has two of them. ^^

3. Favorite dog breed?
Appearance wise? I love the doberman, german shepard, and rottweiler.
But if I could choose a dog for myself, it would be a border collie, hands down. ;_;
Boyfriend wants a springer spaniel though. Maybe we could get both? >>

4. What is your favorite artistic resource (book, tutorial, stock gallery etc)?
Ohmygod. Well I'm always buzzing on dA for inspiration - whether it be helpful reference images, or inspiring artists.
But I have a whole BUNCH of tutorials saved for a time where I may have a chance to try them out. |D
Here's a few:
Thoughts on Wings by Uzlo Various textures tutorial by MinnaSundberg Various elements - tutorial by MinnaSundberg Nebula tutorial. by MacRebisz

5. Favorite beverage?
I have an obsession with fruit juices - my favourite night now being an apple and strawberry squash I just bought from the shops.
But I also love blue raspberry slushies, if those count. c:

6. City, suburbs, or country?
Country, for sure!
I've lived in a small village my whole life. I could live in the suburbs, with the country not being too far, but I don't think I could deal with the hustle of a big city every day!

7. Cake or pie?
Oh gosh. No tougher a question has ever been asked!
I think I have to go with cake, though. I have a soft spot for a lovely home made victoria sponge cake. :heart:

8. What's the last dream you remember?
It's sad, but I don't really remember a lot of my dreams. :c
I know that I dream almost every night, but they seem to disappear almost immediately when I wake up?
The last dream I remember, I can only remember parts of it...and all I really remember are a volcano and dragons.

9. What color is your hair?
Brown...but it's sunbleached on top so I don't even know anymore. |D
Natural highlights though! Woo.

10. Tell a short scary story:
If poaching continues at the current rate, the next generation may never see a live rhino.

I tag:
BecSparrow DraggyGirl Enaxn GoredGuar HybridAlchemist MintyMaguire rlhIllustration ThorinFrostclaw  ValkyrieSorrows
(Close enough to 10 right?)

And my Questions are:
1. What's your favourite hobby?
2. What do you do for your job?
3. What is your dream job?
4. If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go?
5. Do you have any pets?
6. Favourite bird of prey species?
7. Favourite movie right now?
8. Sweet or sour?
9. Coke or Pepsi?
10. Why are you doing this tag? :P

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can not say that you do not do tags.
8. You must make a journal entry!

Taking A Day Off

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 8:39 AM

Usually, my day off would be spent on art - catching up on things I owe and such.

But a confession - today I'm not doing that.
Had a pretty crap week. I work at the bird of prey centre for the animals, not for the people. x_x
A staff member has been off "sick" with a sore throat. Having to cover her meant extra work we didn't need, and finishing late.
So every night I got home - grumpy face. Grr.
So yesterday; was excited for day off.
BUT boyfriend was really ill last night so we both got about 3 hrs sleep-ish each?
So my day off is going to be spent cuddling and catching up on sleep.

Sorry. I should be doing art.
So I just wanted to apologise...because I'm just taking time to chill...because I need to.
I'll post something tomorrow. Promise!

To all those waiting, thanks for your patience with me :heart:


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 2:39 AM

I've included some links to other places I can be found - if you're on FurAffinity, Instagram, Tumblr, or Weasyl, links can be found at the top of my journal now. :D

To be honest, I'm also just testing out this new journal skin - it's by easydisplayname. c:

Also, since nobody was really interested in the 'Features' joural, I'm gonna do a feature here for the one person who commented! c:

(Why does the font type change? Lol I'm am so confused.)

Lioness by rlhIllustration Dakarai by rlhIllustration

those eyes by nevaeh-lee

Aint he the cutest? :D

He was made by nevaeh-lee and he's currently chilling out in full size on my front page. c:

Go check out her stuff if you haven't before. It's super cute! :heart:
I'm not sure about everyone else, but my time leading up to Christmas has certainly gone quickly!
Still so much to do. Presents to wrap, food to buy...eek!

I wanted to say thanks to those that have supported me over the past 12 months. If you have commented, +faved, watched, commissioned me, or even just viewed my art this year - thanks so much! :heart: :hug:

But also a thanks to those who have inspired me with their art, too! Here's a couple of features for each month of the past year.
Hopefully someone will find someone new! :D

Young Spectacle Owl by wolfysilver Rapture by shilohs

On Top of the World by pallanoph Coldfire Queen by 404mockingbirds

See You Soon by Enaxn Savanna by Anisis

Burning Bright by Heylenne Painted Tayten by Hymnsie

Winters Glow by Wild-Hearts without tomorrow by CyanLights

Apocalypse. by Zaellrin +Where We Are Where We Are + by ShePaintsWithBlood

Lorem by NightrizerBubo Bubo by spocha

Frosty Heights by ThorinFrostclaw Eclipsed From Within by balaa

Horsies by VixieArts Stray by Grypwolf

Waiting for the stars by AuroraWienhold Princess Luna by MylaFox

Autumn Spirit by CunningFox  Eclipse by wolf-minori


Sunlit Flight by DerivedJam Day 14: Beccat by Taluns

Here's hoping everyone has a fantastic Christmas, Holiday Season, and New Year! :aww: :heart:
Anyone up for doing one? c:

If you are, please comment here with a link to whatever you'd like me to draw. :D

I'll try to trade with as many people as I can! :heart:
Edit: I'll see if I can do at least some kinda trade with everyone. Need something to keep me busy! c:

Please note:
Even if I finish my half before you, I will not show you my half of the trade until I see yours has been done.
I've been cheated out of trades before, and it makes me sad. :'c do you do it? Total kudos to you.

My partner is away on a nearly three week holiday to see his family.

Hardly any time at all, right?

Less than 48hrs of being without him and I'm still bawling my eyes out because of how much I miss him.

My brain is just so selfish. I just want him to come back home ASAP so I can cuddle and kiss him and hold him.
It's almost like my head is angry because I can't see him and talk to him every day as I usually would.
So as much as I really want him to enjoy his time away...I'm counting down the days until he comes back home.
I'm angry at myself for feeling this way...I dunno what to do.

I feel super embarassed...I hate posting personal stuff online.
But everyone else I have spoken to has just laughed at me... :(

If anyone has any ideas of what I can do to help myself, it would be much appreciated...thank you. :heart:
Characters? Pets? Favourite species?

I'd like to get back into doing some traditional portraits, you see!

I already have one in progress of Dakarai, but I'd like to draw someone/thing else. c:

Suggestions appreciated! Any species - as long as it's a bird! :heart:

Thanks! :D
Personal thoughts have got me wondering.
Not necessarily a stage you hate, but is there a part which you find a chore or the least fun to do?

Sketching? Lineart? Colouring? Backgrounds?
Or even a subject you dislike drawing?

Just wondering what everyone's pet peeves are! :lol:

Doing lineart for an image is my personal downfall. It's the part of a piece which makes me want to throw myself at a wall. Yanno.
I mean when it's all done, I'm all YAY because it looks way neater than my sketch. >_> But it's just such a long, repetitive yeah, for me, it's lineart. The bane of my existance. x_x

Subject wise...humans. And mechanical things. :faint:


For all those who helped in my previous journal. Some of you I didn't get to talk to, because I didn't see/get your comments until I woke up this morning. But you're all still appreciated just as much!

Thanks, you guys :heart:

These guys were also awesome, even if they didn't get to offer advice, they still offered an ear to listen. :heart:
:iconartistically-unique: :icondragon-demygod: :iconenkaixiomasa: :iconkibathedemonicwolf:

Hi. >_> I've kinda neglected this place. I'm sorry. D:
How's everyone doing anyways? What've you all been up to? I miss you guys.

For anyone wondering where I've working with the birds still! Here have some photos:

Birdies by bladebandit

The two that have copyright on weren't taken by mum; credit for those go to Richard Hobbs!
(He didn't want the versions without watermarks being posted!)

But yeah, hopefully I can be around more often. Have actually starting doing art for the first time in like, over 8 months. So...will see.

I just wanted to come here and say I'm not dead, I miss you all, and I'm sorry for totally disappearing for like...a while.

And I hope you all still remember me, lol D:

So angry.

Thu Jan 12, 2012, 12:08 PM

One of our Harris Hawks died.

Because some idiot shot him while we were out flying him.

I am SO fucking wound up right now.
Why? Why would you do that? What sick fuck does that to a majestic bird of prey?

RIP Ramsey. You were the king. You were amazing. I loved you. You taught me as much as I taught you.

You didn't deserve to die in that way. :heart:

Love you, big boy.

Commissions In Progress...

• • •  ~ Commissions are Open ~  • • •

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Sat Apr 30, 2011, 6:14 AM

Holy cow, woke up this morning to more messages than I normally get and fjdkfj.

A Daily Deviation?!

Kamiki Festival by bladebandit

This just...made my day so much. ;___;

Many thanks to KovoWolf for suggesting and Nyiana-sama for featuring!

And of course, to the wonderful Enaxn...with whom without, this piece would not exist!
Now let's go take over the world, beb. :3

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Ask me a question...

Sat Apr 23, 2011, 4:00 AM

...and I'll answer with a drawing. :D

Actually, it doesn't have to be a question. I'll just answer ever comment with a muro drawing until I get bored.


I don't have access to Photoshop for a few hours because a technician is running a healthcheck on my PC. XD So MURO IT IS.

EDIT: No longer have time to reply with drawings. XD Sorry! Thanks to everyone who commented in time. :D

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Mon Apr 18, 2011, 9:00 AM

So...I caved and got a Tumblr. XD;

> <

I'll be posting lots of WIP's, sketches, photos and any basically any stuff I find interesting/inspiring!

If you're on there, give me a shout/follow me! :D (And I'll follow you back, if I know you! XD)

Will link it to my Twitter...and possibly my Facebook. I never use Facebook, so I guess that would...actually make it active? |D;

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'Free Commissions'

Wed Mar 16, 2011, 4:11 AM

It seems some people are a little confused, so I hope this journal clarifies things! :D

There is no such thing as a 'Free Commission'!

That in itself is an oxymoron!

Commissions are typically done for some form of payment, whereas 'free' art (Gifts or 'requests' as they are called on dA) are done free of charge at the descretion of the artist.

To put it simply: if you did not give any form of 'payment', you are not owed anything.

If they choose to not do your request, then that's ok! It doesn't make them a terrible person. It doesn't mean they don't like you! It just makes them human. Maybe they just have more important things to do - life can be very busy! :nod:

If you really want some art from a up to purchase a commission! That would be much nicer for them, and you would get the artwork that you desire! That's a great thing, right? :D

NOTE: just to point out; this journal isn't talking about 'art trades'. That's a little different, imo!

• Journal best viewed in Firefox! •
Any money you can spare for a commission would be greatly appreciated! And if you can't, that's cool too. The thought or spreading of the word is appreciated just as much. <3

Please note me if you have any questions, or want me to quote you a price! :heart:

Payment by Paypal.
I will not start work on a commission until full payment has been received.
When the commission is complete, I will e-mail you a hi-res unwatermarked version for your enjoyment!

:star: My full Terms Of Service can be found here! :star:
By commissioning me, you automatically agree to these terms!


All prices are in USD ($)!

Currency Converter

Sketch - Headshot $5
Sketch - Full Body $8
+$3 for characters with Wings/Extensive Details.
Sketch - Kianga by bladebandit Just to say... by bladebandit Rainbow Wolf Sketch by bladebandit

Icon - $12
+$2-5 for Animation.
Iconz Batch 4 by bladebandit Indra - Animated Icon by bladebandit Iconz Batch 7 by bladebandit
For more examples, see here:…

Flat Colours - $20
+$10 for characters with Wings/Extensive Details.
Dhole by bladebandit Blaez by bladebandit

Coloured Sketch - $30
+ $15 for subjects with Wings/Extensive Details
+ $5-18 for a Background

Ahmir by bladebandit Surf's Up? by bladebandit Ceratotherium by bladebandit
For more examples, see here:…

Cel Shaded - $35
+$15 for characters with Wings/Extensive Details.
+$25 for Additional Characters.
+$10-20 for a Background.
First Flight by bladebandit I'll Be What I Am by bladebandit Ends Of The Earth by bladebandit

Digital Painting - $50-100
+$40-80 for Additional Characters.
+$10-30 for a Background.
Note: Price varies depending on the detail of the subject / character!
My Journey by bladebandit Storm Surge by bladebandit Luau by bladebandit Garden Eden by bladebandit

I hide many comments on this journal, as some are years old!
This just helps me keep track of things - please don't be offended if I hide your comment!


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 1:22 PM

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Just gave out a few to people MUAHAHA.

Give them to me and I'll give them to you in return! 8D









I know some people have loads moar. Don't burst my bubble, betches. D<

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London devMEET 2009

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 15, 2009, 8:48 AM
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Header Image By - poothos
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London was incredible! Who went? Do you have photos? Shout out your usernames here! XD

If anyone saw me and didn't realise, I was the brown haired girl with the super duper red/black backpack with a skull on! 8D

Here's how the day went:

:bulletblue: Met ValkyrieSorrows at King's Cross before making our way over to the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.

:bulletblue: Got a little confused as to where everyone was, so I rang maxwell-heza...only to find out that we were standing right next to everyone, LOL! How could we miss this lot?

:bulletblue: Met Heidi who gave us all name tags! :D

:bulletblue: Sat down and spoke to a few awesome people who were all buzzing around, including kafine and TicChallis.

:bulletblue: Noticed two people seemingly looking lost, so I took my chances and called out 'Dani, Livvi?'...yay. 8D HybridAlchemist and MintyMaguire were so amazing, not only had they made sexy badges of their characters, but they had brought along some arts for me! ;.; Gosh I felt so bad for not doing them as soon as woke up this morning I started doodling. XD

:bulletblue: We all looked through each other's art/sketch pieces, became jealous of each other's skills, and learnt about MintyMaguire's obsession with licking objects.

:bulletblue: After talking for a while, we proceeded to draw on each other. Who needs paper when you have skin. 8D;

MintyMaguire drew an awesome wolfie on my left arm!

And then HybridAlchemist drew a dragon which curled around my right arm, followed by a lion on my right hand! XD

:bulletblue: ValkyrieSorrows 'stole' a picture of Axel from HybridAlchemist, and proceeded to drool upon it. XD

:bulletblue: Pachunka then came over and told us they were going to take the group photo. spyed gave us a quick speech, and then the photo was taken:

hq meet - london by cei-

:bulletblue: We were then split up into a load of categories; digital art, photography, traditional art and so forth. :D In the digital art category, Pachunka started talking to us and then fled. Rarr.

:bulletblue: HybridAlchemist and MintyMaguire proceeded to pounce upon me after apparently getting bored of the traditional art section? XDD

:bulletblue: Met FennecWolf and OceanRed (I THINK LOL), who we all started drawing with...and holding up signs. Yup. Also due to my magic powers of the pen, MintyMaguire incredibly managed to grow a moustache and goatee. Fantastic!

:bulletblue: We got bored of sitting down, so decided to go over to spyed's little group to see what they were nattering on about...I think we annoyed a few people. We talked a bit too loudly ROFL.

:bulletblue: And then we all said goodbye and left...not before the crotch photos and the man hugs, eh eh eh? :P

:bulletblue: But before going home? Me, ValkyrieSorrows and Vinny all stopped off at Burger King, LOL! XD

Thanks for the fantastic day guys! Wouldn't have missed it for the world! :heart:
If Dani or Livvi want the pictures I took...don't hesitate to ask. ;DDD

Also, if you read all that, I thank you and give you as many hugs as you desire. c:


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 7, 2008, 11:39 AM
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Journal best viewed in Firefox!

Lol yes.

Might take a few more.

As always, not first come first served, due to time differences and to give everyone a fair chance. XD

...And no, I don't care if you've already traded with me once. |D;

Post a comment here, and a character link, if you're interested. :)

Also, if you're interested in a spam trade OR a full trade, please say! I'm always happy to accept spam trades. :3

Catch: You must get yours done, or I must see that you've started, before I start mine.

I'm still owed one trade from almost a year ago. Lmao.