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November 10, 2010
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Iconz Batch 5 by bladebandit Iconz Batch 5 by bladebandit
More icons! :D

I am selling icons like these for ONLY $8! Animation is an extra $2!

Drop me a comment or note me if you want one! :heart:

From left to right, top to bottom:
Phantom (For =HuanLang), Malik (For Maliksr), and a pair of joint icons for kairithekat and ~Shadowpelt respectively.

Characters Original Owners
Artwork *bladebandit
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I think I'll proceed to say something somewhat helpful here.

It reminds me of Neopets. Before it got lame. And I loved Neopets before it got lame. Therefor I love this.

Haha Neopets is so crap nowadays. It's like they're one of those kids trying to be cool. And failing miserably.
You mean there are times when people trying to be cool succeed?
ThorinFrostclaw Nov 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shit that forest! :D You MUST do a big picture with a forest like that! MUST! Wonderful details in the first one! I especially love the grass! :D
The starry skies in the other pictures are lovely as well, but nothing beats that forest! XP
Thanks, Thorin! :heart:

Haha, I really want to! Painting the BG on that icon was really fun. 8D
Enaxn Nov 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
eeeee BLADE IKONZ! <333 omg I LOVE THE BOTTOM TWO. THEIR HANDS TOUCH EACH OTHER *touch* I love the way you flared the tips of the thumbs back up. Very realistic and observant! Plus your SHAAADING is so very very smooth and pretty. Plus they all have BACKGROUNDS! I didn't even notice that at first but WOW does it add to them! Awesome job omg I love your icooooons! <33333
Yesss! Shadowpelt challenged me to do a joint pair of icons after I said that I'd never done such before. XD It was funnnn. :la:

Thanks so much Ennybeb! <333 I'm so happy you picked up on the thumbs fff :heart:
Awesome, just shear awesomeness! I loves purple, wants more purple! Yesh! These are so detailed. Malik looks so content with that smile and the eyes shut. Love those two at the bottom and how you have mde them looking at each other as if the are looking through a pane of glass. I know I've mentioned oh so many times before but the way you draw eyes is so realistic, with the catch lights in them. It makes them look alive and have actual souls, amazing! Yer arts just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the awesome!

Have a most excellent day!
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